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I love animals very much and all proceeds from "The Little Hound in the Pound" go to my local pet shelter.


After raising three children — and now as the grandmother of six — Linda Buck Wassel knows what it’s like for youngsters to want to be someone else, or have what everyone else has.

So she wrote a children’s book called “Turtlebee” with an important moral.

“The book is meant to teach young children that dreams are wonderful, but being themselves is always the best,” Wassel said. The main character “is a little turtle that dreams about wanting to be a bee. When all is said and done, he decides it’s best to just be me.”

Self-published in September by CreateSpace and illustrated by her friend Karen Frye, “Turtlebee” is geared toward children 3 to 8. However, “even the parents are falling in love with ‘Turtlebee,’” said Wassel, who has sold more than 200 copies of the book. “The illustrations and the rhythm of the words will keep their full attention. It’s fantasy, fun and reality all in one book.” More...

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Turtlebee, November 22, 2010 - by Dawn

"What a wonderful book with a wonderful message! I loved Turtlebee and I have given this book to many friends with children and have heard nothing but positive remarks. The message is sweet, simple and easy to understand. The pictures are eye catching and adorable. It will make a great holiday gift for any child."

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